Agilyx’s partner Unit4 are in a state of positive change

15 April 2015


Agilyx Australia and New Zealand were recently invited to an exclusive Global launch and product releases event held in April 2015 at the Golden Village Cinema, Suntec City in Singapore. The event was part of a series of sessions that Unit4 were holding globally to announce the new Unit4 brand, a new organisation structure and of course Milestone 5.  Only key strategic partners were invited to take part in this event so we were excited to be part of this!

What does the rebrand mean?

This is a new phase for Unit4 and one that has been in planning for some months and does mark a significant step forward in terms of how they plan to grow the business.  The new branding intends to show Unit4, their aspirations and their passions.  Changing the look is not just cosmetic – it is intended to visualize the commitment to offering business solutions that are designed for the people using the applications, making technology bend to people not the other way around.
In addition to the new look, Unit4 are working hard to increase global brand awareness. In order to elevate the Unit4 brand and simplify the naming of all the products, they have attempted to give all international products descriptive names, and thus focus more on the master brand that Unit4 is transforming into. It will now be clearly visible that all these products are part of one Unit4 global offering.

All international products will carry the Unit4 brand, plus a descriptive name that makes their purpose easily recognisable. The products that will be renamed are:



For those in the industry – we will have to try and lose the name ‘Agresso’ this may take a while! The process of rebranding will continue throughout the next months, and will include the applications , the associated documentation, as well as other touch points with the company.

Alongside the new Unit4 look – it’s also added “In business for people” – the term ‘The people platform’ was used and will become part of their strategy.
This significant change for Unit4 is a great leap into progressing their business and brand. It was an insightful event with lots of great opportunities for the business and working together – watch this space!

Projects like this take time, effort and determination – we think the brand looks great and wish all at Unit4 lots of success for the forthcoming months.