ERP solutions for Education

Save on resources

Less cost of time and budget with a system that empowers you to take control and adapt your ERP solution

Budget accountability and control

Improve visibility of drilled-down department level spending

Replace outdated legacy systems

Reduce frustrations & improve productivity for staff with a single reliable source of information from our ERP solution.

Agilyx and our ERP solution could be the right fit for your educational institution if you:

  • Experience fluctuations and changes in budgets & organisational structure
  • Require detailed department – level reporting
  • Need a replacement for an outdated legacy platform
  • Are looking for a great value investment that is future-proof for changes
  • Need an ERP solution that doesn’t need future costly consultants or budget whenever there is a change

Case study spotlight: Queensland Education and OneSchool

This unique ERP case study demonstrates exactly what we can achieve through the delivery of a highly efficient and successful cloud based ERP solution in partnership with education departments – at a fraction of the cost of other software companies.

OneSchool has:

  • Been deployed to 100% (1,276 total) Queensland State Government Schools
  • Had 4.7 million school-generated invoices created in the first year
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks, such as allowing parents to pay invoices online
  • Enabled visibility of school spend and reporting down to department level
  • Achieved 100% of business ready system-up time

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Designed with education in mind

Financial accountability

We are fully aware of the pressure on government departments for their accountability on education budgets as well as the many government ICT projects that are commissioned only to result in stalled or unsuccessful implementations. Business World ensures accountability at all levels.

We are here to deliver value

With our expert team who will ensure a comprehensive value-added implementation, to our agile ERP software which enables you to continue adapting the software as your department changes – without the need for expensive consultants.

ERP software for education institutions

Business World has a proven track record in delivering truly great ERP solutions to education institutions. Over 400 education institutions globally have selected Unit4 software for their ERP software solutions.

Supporting change

We empower institutions to change their software to meet the changing needs of the education landscape, saving time & money.

Change Ready

Today’s organisations need to continually adapt to structural “disturbance”, whether it is caused by a re-organisation, merger, acquisition or a new line of business. The costs to adapt financial systems are material and strategically significant. What sets the Unit4 Business World solution apart is its continued agility and flexibility that lets you adjust it yourself to embrace change – long after initial implementation.

Business World – Education sector

“On the same day installation was complete, we were already seeing value from the solution.”

– Ian Sibbald, Financial Controller, Cranfield University

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“We needed to reimagine reality. With the assistance of prevailing technologies the department determined to create an all – encompassing education environment that would actively support our staff.”

– Rob Pearce, Executive Director, OneSchool

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Our ERP solution modules

Business World enables you to manage your entire organisation in a single, integrated cloud ERP suite.