Meet Wanda

Wanda is the world’s first true enterprise Digital Assistant. Add her as a contact and access all your business applications through a conversational interface. Wanda is available at all times – pervasive, but not intrusive. She automates routine operations across your business and learns your preferences to become more and more useful over time.

Natural Language

Wanda talks the way you talk and understands natural language, allowing her to cut complexity and help you focus on the most important things.

Continuous Learning

Wanda recognises patterns and behaviours to automate routine tasks and anticipate your needs, so you can keep your core focus.


Simply start with your favourite app

No need to learn a new interface, you already have the app for using Wanda. Doesn’t matter if you prefer Slack or Skype for Business.


Just ask and interact with natural language

No need to learn Wanda’s language, she knows yours and understands when you communicate.


Speed up with self-learning capabilities

Every time you interact with Wanda, she learns more about your preferences and context to make you more productive.


Act smart with powerful workflows and tasks

As simple as it looks on the surface, Wanda’s doing powerful work in the background to help you orchestrate your tasks autonomously.