Cloud Services

Your Unit4 Business World ERP on-demand

In today’s ever-changing business world, organisations are under more pressure than ever to keep costs like IT infrastructure down. Agilyx delivers your cloud deployment module to suit your business needs. Now you can have your Unit4 Business World solution hosted in a care free environment managed by dedicated professionals.

Irrespective of location and deployment model, you can access your ERP software anywhere anytime. Our cloud environments offers infinite scalability, failover capability, redundancy and protection against underlying hardware failures.

Proven, class-leading cloud credentials delivered – ISO27001

As a cloud-first company we appreciate that data security, compliance and the management of your ERP cloud deployment matters most to you. Agilyx is an ISO27001 accredited organisation, which means you can rely on our services to meet and exceed security standards for data management in a cloud environment. ISO27001 is the highest global standard available for information security management systems today.

Agilyx has a comprehensive information security management system which allows our customers the freedom to grow, innovate and broaden their operations securely in the knowledge that their information assets are managed securely by the Agilyx team.

Agilyx Cloud

Capitalising on the Cloud

Agilyx’s globally recognised solutions, have just been granted even further elasticity by being freed from their capital funded and site based foundations. By allowing Unit4 Business World the benefits of a Cloud Deployment, a Subscription Based Pricing model and all the advantages of off-site management, Business World’s ability to accommodate and nurture organisational change takes on a whole new meaning. Agility, Flexibility and Affordability have been elevated to fresh heights to take advantage of the innate elasticity provided by our cloud based deployment.


What is Agilyx Cloud?

Agilyx Cloud is a subscription-based, cloud-embracing deployment model, aimed at the ever-changing needs of Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC™).  It offers this category of organisations the protection to stay independent with regards to the way they want to embrace change within their business – irrespective of the location and deployment model of their ERP Software.

Agilyx Cloud guarantees this by bringing together Vita™ – the only IT architecture on the market that couples data, business process and the delivery methodology to move in lockstep, which is at the heart of the Unit4 Business World ERP software – and cost/time-saving cloud technologies, tuned towards versatility and their ability to change.

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Benefiting From Agilyx Cloud

Agilyx Cloud particularly appeals to organisations that don’t want to compromise their ability to deploy class leading ERP when infrastructure, resources and time are in short supply.

Organisations that find benefit in launching an Agilyx solution using Agilyx Cloud place high value on:

  • Conserving Capital and staggering Expenditure
  • Technology geared toward maintaining Independence
  • Avoiding long term contracts with slated commitments
  • Business Management tools that are responsive and nurturing to changing business requirements
  • Nurturing an organisational culture which prizes adaptation and resourcefulness
  • Shedding Unnecessary IT costs
  • High speed implementations

Agilyx Cloud offers Customers the Best of Both Worlds

ERP with on-going business agility and the benefits of the cloud – without the negatives:

  • Retain all the post-implementation agility benefits of ABW and Vita – more than 90% of business change requirements can be handled at business-user level
  • Adopt the latest technology options
  • Speed deployment of the software, which cuts the time to get users up and running by months, if not quarters
  • Choose from one of our single-tenant cloud options (with no data mingling) or a shared service option for those that need to share business data with industry partners/associates
  • Turnkey, templated solutions mapped to the requirements of your sector
  • Pursue your optimum IT strategy – on-premise, off-premise or hybrid
  • Change your deployment approach – easily, whenever you need to – without costly migrations or redeployment cost.

Flex Even Further

Agilyx Cloud offers the next level of agile, flexible deployment to savvy organisations wishing to experience the independence that an Unit4 Business World ERP solution affords. Unlike rival Solutions, Business World allows business users to modify their own systems with astounding ease-  without IT resources and without vendor dependence.

In fact, with Business World over 90% of system changes can be made at a business user level, which is absolutely unique in the Business Software arena. Combine this innate cost and time saving agility with the world’s most versatile and protective cloud environment and you have an ERP solution that is unrivalled in the current market.


The 5 Differences for Cloud Success

  1. Portability
  2. Security
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Upgrade Elasticity
  5. Completeness

Solution Portability: your UNIT4 solution – deployed your way, without lock-in!

With Agilyx, you gain the guaranteed freedom to choose, and keep adjusting, your deployment options to absorb and adapt to ongoing business change:

  • Move into the cloud.
  • Move out of the cloud.
  • Move to a different cloud.

And because you won’t need to either recode or make any changes to the setup or to your database when moving, this makes it a fast, low-cost and painless option.

Database Security: your UNIT4 solution – reliable, safe and secure!

With Agilyx, you not only gain the lower costs (and all the other advantages) of a truly multi-tenant cloud solution, but also the advantage that your data remains in its own unique and complete database. This gives our customers an extra layer of unparalleled security that even protects against human errors.

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We are also in compliance with rigorous security standards:

  • ISO/IEC 27001 (data security)
  • SSAE16 type II
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • TEC: ‘UNIT4 Customers Satisfied in ALL Requirement Areas of TEC’s Multi-Tenant SaaS Accreditation’

For your safety, we also regularly commission outside experts to perform penetration tests, to make sure that we (and your data) are secure from the threats posed by even the very latest hacking techniques.

Disaster Forgiveness: your UNIT4 solution – forgiveness comes as standard!

With Agilyx, you can still quickly and painlessly restore crucial data and reverse potentially crippling ‘disasters’ caused by user errors, even though your solution is deployed via the cloud. Backups are kept for a long time, so even if years have gone by before you notice the loss of data we can still restore it for you:

  • Genuine data restoration NOT just basic business continuity measures.
  • Data recovered in hours NOT days or weeks.
  • No need for expensive third-party backup and recovery solutions.

Upgrade Elasticity: your UNIT4 solution – always the best fit!

With Agilyx, you retain the independence and control to move up to new main releases of your software, at the time that best suits your organisation’s needs and situation:

  • Updates are automatically added when needed.
  • It is your choice to either accept an upgrade or to postpone.
  • The previous two main releases stay supported in the cloud.

ERP Completeness: your UNIT4 solution – stable, complete and future ready!

With Agilyx, you still benefit from the same fully featured, proven ERP solution, regardless of whether you deploy the software on premise or via the cloud:

  • Having exactly the same code, whether via the cloud or on-premise, means unrivalled rich ERP functionality, all available right now.
  • There is no delay or complication in getting the latest advances.

You gain the technical AND business change agility to minimize cost of ownership.

In summary our data centres are:

  • Arguable the most sophisticated in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Are geographically diverse for complete disaster recovery
  • Feature multiple redundancy features throughout
  • Are highly secure and Australian based
  • With support centres operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year